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Hi! My name is Charmaine, and I’m a born storyteller and seasoned creative with over six years of experience. I’ve created engaging content across industries, specializing in 360 campaign strategy, email marketing, website content, UX and social. When I’m not writing, I’m finding a new local coffee shop to obsessive over or hanging with my fur babies.

Brands I've Worked With

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I use words to connect people. I believe being relatable and building community is where the magic happens.

1. Unique

I’m a Los Angeles-based copywriter, editor and content strategist with a unique background. I’ve lived in South Korea and I’m a former teacher.

2. Fresh

I’m a chameleon. I can craft any copy or content to mirror your brand voice.

3. Creative

Give me a topic and I’ll give you a tagline. 

My Services

Copywriting & Content Creation

Content Strategy




Social Media


"If anyone is looking for a copywriter Charmaine Griffin is it. She does incredible work and was able to turn my crazy ramblings into short and sweet sales copy. She turned the project around quickly, answered my crazy questions and was just such a pleasure to work with! Thank you!! ❤️"
"Charmaine was great to work with. She took my feedback and gave me just what I needed for my website, with super fast turn around. "

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